Inclusion in Catholic Schools


​We were told no FIVE TIMES

by other Catholic schools before a school said yes!

Our mission is to be a resource for parents and schools,

and to help spread the word that including children with special needs IS possible.

We also want to connect schools who are willing, with families who desire to have their child included.

We are here to OPEN HEARTS and MINDS

to Full Inclusion in Catholic, Christian, and private Schools,

where everyone belongs!


We created this foundation to bring awareness and resources to fully Including children with Special Needs into our Catholic, Christian and Private schools.

Including a child with Special Needs sends a clear message that we all have value, we should all be cherished, and we are all perfect in the way God created us. 

While Inclusion may seem easy-it is a multi faceted process to ensure it works.

This process can be intimidating and scary to the schools and parents, but we can help to guide with resources, experience and professionals who want to help.

When a parent is given a yes, it may have conditions tied to it. They may be expected to pay for their own aide(at approx $15k!), they now have tuition and uniforms to pay for, and many other things can make the idea appear overwhelming to all. We can help to brainstorm for monies and resources. We can bring ideas to the table for costs and how best to help the family. We are excited to help!


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Our Story

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