Inclusion in Catholic Schools


Our Mission is to provide support, resources, and education to families and schools, who desire to have an inclusive educational experience for their child. We want to help the family and school to feel confident and successful in their journey of Inclusion.

Pope Francis says it best: 

"an Inclusive education finds a place for all, and does not select in an elitist way, the beneficiaries of its efforts"

We are looking for volunteers! We need help on our FundRaising committee, and additional board members are needed. Please search your heart and see if you can help today!

Help Needed!

Your Donation can mean a YES or a NO to a child or school! Please help! There are often unexpected costs that can be associated with Including children with special needs. While a school may be open to the idea, there needs to be resources, and processes in place for it to be successful.  Please HELP WITH THOSE NEEDS!

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​​Do you believe ALL children should have the opportunity to attend Catholic school?

               WE DO! 

Whether a child's special needs are intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities or a learning disorder~ we believe there is a place for them within your parish's Catholic school! We want to connect schools and children~ and open Hearts and Minds to the idea of Including ALL into our Phoenix Catholic schools.



ABout Us

our Mission

Educating ALL children in our parish schools is at the core of our faith, as Catholics. We believe inclusion improves the educational achievement of all students and strengthens the foundation of our Church's educational teachings. "An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of Catholic Schools" Pope Francis

Resources ARE available! Please reach out to us! We have resources, connections and  experienced people who would love to help. We can make this work! We want to help to INCLUDE ALL CHILDREN!